3 Weeks with the iPhone 6

Hello. I figured I should start writing something on this blog I set up months ago and what better way to start off with a mini-review-not-really of the product of the year(right?).

So, I got this phone about 3 weeks ago after being one of the millions who stayed up all night to preorder the phone. Due to STORE’s downtime, I had 4 screens (an iPhone 4, an iPod touch, an iPad 2, and a MacBook Pro) constantly refreshing the store page and the STORE app for about two hours before anything started to load; it was like fighting for the last golden ticket. The availability numbers were going down, shipping dates pushing further into later dates: from September 19th, to 7 days, to 4 weeks. After two hours of wrestling with the store, I ended up adding the phone to my cart from my iPhone 4, and checking out with my iPod touch.

So, after receiving this phone. I quickly got home and unboxed it. My excitement went over the roof as I quickly took a few photos of it and unboxed it. Slowly opening the box without reenacting the events of the poor guy from Perth.

My initial reaction of the phone was: *this is one big phone. *

Can’t blame me though. Even if this was just the iPhone 6 and not the 6 Plus, it was big enough for me to go “I’ll have to get used to this again.”

Honestly, after three weeks of using it, this size has grown onto me now. This size doesn’t bother me at all; in fact, I think it’s perfect. As for other aspects of the phone, I’m amused at how much can be accomplished to create this product.

10 years ago, if you told a person that in the future, people will have super-computers that fit right in their pockets. Something that can do what a computer 10 years ago couldn’t. Something with more memory, storage, and processing power than a big 15" portable computer; something with the resolution of a high definition Full-HD television; something that connects us to the rest of the world; all that technology that fits RIGHT into our pockets. This is what I’d call innovation at its fullest.

I’m very impressed with how well this phone works. Touch ID works much better than I thought, the speed and the accuracy almost make me forget its existence. It’s what a lot of features should be, something that’s there to improve your workflow (in this case, unlocking phones) without you going “oh yeah. I have to do this, and wait this amount of time before it works.”

The iPhone 6, without a doubt, is a phone of extraordinary technology. I don’t regret buying the iPhone 6 and not the 6 Plus; although, a 6 Plus would also be nice.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve heard people say that “Why did  just /drop/ the iPhone 5(s/c)‘s 4 inch display? I love that size; I don’t want a bigger phone.” Honestly, before I bought my phone, there was a part of me who thought the exact same thing. But after using this for 3 weeks, I gotta say, the 4.7 inch display is absolutely gorgeous. Looking at my 4 inch iPod touch, it just feels like a piece of toy. I’m not surprised though; every year  announces a new iteration of their latest device, the previous generation will instantaneously lose its charm, and the iPod touch came out 2 years ago, so it’s basically double the charm lose. :p

Finally, cases. As soon as  announced the iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) at the September 9th event, I started hunting for a case. Without seeing the actual phone, you can already tell that the thinness will probably make the phone harder to hold (or easier to drop). Plus, this was a $1000 piece of equipment that will burn my wallet to the ground. I can’t risk breaking it, or even scratching it. After a few days of case hunting, I ended up buying the Spigen iPhone 6 Ultra Hybrid Case. After receiving it, I was very satisfied with the quality of the case. It was slim, light, protective, and most importantly, easy to hold. To me, the phrase “you get what you pay for” doesn’t apply to this case. The quality of the case is definitely higher than other cases with the same price. Overall, I’m very happy I ended up buying this case and not other ones.

tl;dr: the iPhone 6 is an absolute beauty. I love it.


P.S.: I am neither sponsored nor affiliated with any products mentioned in the post.


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