Push Notification on Mac Login


A friend of mine recently told me about her brother sneaking on her computer each night playing games and watching YouTube while my friend was asleep.

Searching on Google, I couldn’t find anything that can help catch the brother. An idea then popped into my head: why not write a plugin where the controller receives a notification whenever their Mac logs in?

That’s exactly what I did.

 Introducing…. Push Login


 What is PushLogin?

PushLogin is basically an Automator app that will send a push notification to your device through PushBullet. By adding it to the current user’s Login Items, PushBullet will run when the user logs in and post a notification to your other devices.

 How does it work?

Before it runs, PushBullet will try to ping pushbullet.com and will continue to ping every 10 seconds if an error occurs. This allows Pushbullet to wait until the WiFi or internet connects. If the ping was successful, it’ll post the Notification.

 How is this even remotely useful?

You can find out if and when someone’s trying to snoop on your computer.
For workplaces, this can be useful. I’m sure a lot of people have wondered if their coworkers have been sneaking on their computers!

For parents, they can monitor their children’s computer use and get notified whenever the kid tries to sneak on the computer.

 Where can I download this?

All downloads, and installation instructions can be found on my Github Repo. You can find it here: PushLogin - Github



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