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Hello, Sigma.

Having posted nothing in a year, I thought I’d take this time and opportunity to write about my latest project: Sigma.

Update: The app has been released on the App Store as of September 13th, 2016; and can be downloaded here! Please support the app, thanks everyone :)


A year ago, during my senior year of high school, I realized how old-fashioned high school was with its continued usage of paperback agendas or student diaries. While I wasn’t a big fan of the agenda, many of my peers relied on them to keep track of their school.

In the fall of 2015, I began working on a new side project: Sigma

The initial plan for the app was something to keep myself organized, through a very minimal amount of work. However, after demoing the app to a few of my peers and teachers, they were all interested the app. So, I opened up Sketch, and started drawing up designs and plans for Sigma

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Push Notification on Mac Login


A friend of mine recently told me about her brother sneaking on her computer each night playing games and watching YouTube while my friend was asleep.

Searching on Google, I couldn’t find anything that can help catch the brother. An idea then popped into my head: why not write a plugin where the controller receives a notification whenever their Mac logs in?

That’s exactly what I did.

 Introducing…. Push Login


 What is PushLogin?

PushLogin is basically an Automator app that will send a push notification to your device through PushBullet. By adding it to the current user’s Login Items, PushBullet will run when the user logs in and post a notification to your other devices.

 How does it work?

Before it runs, PushBullet will try to ping pushbullet.com and will continue to ping every 10 seconds if an error occurs. This allows Pushbullet to wait until the WiFi or internet

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Installing Windows 10?

Well, here I finally go again. Almost a year later.

Before I begin, I should probably note that the reason I had trouble with installing Windows 10 was due to be eagerness(?) to install the latest OS by Microsoft as it became available to the general public. Had I been a little more patient and waited just a bit longer, I would’ve had significantly less trouble upgrading.

I have a Mac mini from 2009 running Windows 7 32bit. When it was announced that we(people with genuine copies of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1)‘d receive Windows 10 for free, I set my ultimate goal as installing Windows 10 64bit (No point running a 32bit operating system when my computer can run 64bit just fine.) Knowing that, I discovered that my installation path would have to be

Windows 7 x86 to Windows 10 x86 to Windows 10 x64

It started when the clock ticked 9PM PT (or 12AM ET) when the world exploded (figuratively)

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3 Weeks with the iPhone 6

Hello. I figured I should start writing something on this blog I set up months ago and what better way to start off with a mini-review-not-really of the product of the year(right?).

So, I got this phone about 3 weeks ago after being one of the millions who stayed up all night to preorder the phone. Due to STORE’s downtime, I had 4 screens (an iPhone 4, an iPod touch, an iPad 2, and a MacBook Pro) constantly refreshing the store page and the STORE app for about two hours before anything started to load; it was like fighting for the last golden ticket. The availability numbers were going down, shipping dates pushing further into later dates: from September 19th, to 7 days, to 4 weeks. After two hours of wrestling with the store, I ended up adding the phone to my cart from my iPhone 4, and checking out with my iPod touch.

So, after receiving this phone. I quickly got home and unboxed

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